6 Ways Pope Francis is Intriguing Evangelicals

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Pope Francis is the most talked about person on the internet. He’s Time’s Person of the Year. What are other Christians, particular evangelicals, saying about him? Below are six reasons Pope Francis is intriguing evangelical Protestants. 

1. Care for the Poor. “Why Pope Francis Excites (Most) Evangelical Leaders,” March, 2013,  Christianity Today-“I pray that his example spurs evangelicals like me to remember our mandate to love the least of these, the hurting and the vulnerable, the brothers and sisters of our Lord.”

2. Inspiring hope. Our Francis, Too, June 2013, Christianity Today. “Seldom has a religious leader been embraced so warmly across the Christian world, including by many evangelicals. Seldom has hope risen so high so quickly. And the hope has arisen for good reason.”

3. Winning over critics. The Thing That Shocked Me Most About Pope Francis (Or Why Protestant Pastors Need to Pay Attention to This Pope)- November 2013, The American Jesus. “Maybe even more incredible is the fact that Pope Francis hasn’t just silenced his critics. He’s won them over. Which makes me really hopeful.”

(Source: Wikimedia Commons)

4. “The Joy of the Gospel.” Five Things Evangelicals Will Cheer in Pope Francis’ Plan to Change the Catholic Church, November 2013, Christianity Today.  – “Evangelicals who read the length document may find themselves agreeing with the pope’s thoughts about changing the Roman Catholic church. ”

5. He’s an evangelizer. 10 Reasons Why Evangelicals Should Read Pope Francis- November 2013, Religious News Service. “At times Francis sounds like an evangelical clergyman explaining the techniques of “personal evangelism” to his congregation.”

6. Authenticity.  Why do Protestants love Pope Francis? EWTN’s Raymond Arroyo Weighs In, December 2013, Religious News Service. “Francis is very accessible, he goes out to the people, he spends time with people who are poor and picks up the phone to call people in need.”

There is so many people to admire in evangelical Protestant circles, and I’m thankful Pope Francis is someone they admire too. May we all follow Pope Francis’ example.

Anthony Baratta is a 24-year-old writer and newly married husband who left seminary to become Catholic in March of 2012. Read more about Anthony’s journey at his blog and on Facebook and Twitter.

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  • likeasaint

    How very catholic of him! The Holy Father wants and needs our prayers. Our family includes him by name every night.

  • shediac

    Preaching love rather than hate, how novel.